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What are sharrows?Sharrows are white pavement markings showing a bicycle symbol with two chevrons on top (see photo above).  Some mistake these lanes for dedicated bicycle lanes, but a bicycle lane is marked with a bicycle symbol and sometimes an additional diamond symbol.  The diamond symbol indicates that it is a reserved lane.

When a street is too narrow to fit both a lane for bicyclists only and too narrow for cars and bicycles to ride side-by-side, sharrows remind bicyclists and motorists that the lane must be shared

When necessary for safety, a bicyclist may ride in the middle of a travel lane.  This is true even when no shared lane markings are painted on the pavement.  A bicyclist should always keep a safe distance from parked cars.  A suddenly opened door can hit a bicycle and cause serious injury

Sharrows serve as a reminder.  They guide a bicyclist toward the center lane.

Staff will complete sections of Ledgeview’s roadways to align with our current Bicycle & Pedestrian Plan.

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