Recycling Guide – Tri-County Recycling Program


Ledgeview is a member of the Tri-County Recycling Program, which consists of all municipalities in Brown, Outagamie, and Winnebago Counties.

In 2007, Tri-County Recycling Program to develop a single-stream recycling facility for operation over 15 years. The three counties have enjoyed a partnership that has created landfill and recycling efficiencies for benefit of all residents.

A centerpiece of Wisconsin’s recycling industry: the Tri-County partnership creates jobs, protects the environment, conserves resources, provides renewable energy and encourages everyone to “Recycle more… landfill less.”

There’s more to recycling than collecting materials at the curb, and there’s more to landfilling than dumping garbage in a hole. Over the years, the Tri-County has developed revolutionary processes and efficient facilities with strong partnerships for the long-term benefit of area residents.

For more information on the Tri-County Recycling Program or Single Stream Recycling, please see their website.

Below are some curbside recycling quick references. For a comprehensive list of specific items that can or cannot be recycled, please see “What Can I Recycle?” on the Tri-County Recycling Program website.