Street Reconstruction / Urbanization

Depending on the location within the Town, existing rural roadways with ditches may be urbanized.  A project to urbanize a roadway will consist of the elimination of the existing ditches, installation of storm sewer and catch basin inlets, excavation and removal of the existing road base material, installation of new road base (gravel), installation of curb and gutter, installation of a new road surface and the installation of 5-foot-wide sidewalk on both sides of the newly built roadway.  Grass terrace areas between the curb and sidewalk on urbanization projects generally run between 8 feet and 11 feet in width depending on existing right-of-way widths and surrounding land topography.  The following photos show a roadway before and after an urbanization project.


Prior to any urbanization construction project, a public informational meeting is held to discuss proposed design for the project as well as to listen to any resident comments and/or concerns.  All property owners that could potentially be affected by the project are invited to the meeting.  After the public information meeting, the Town Board and staff reviews comments and/or concerns from residents and changes are made to the construction plans where applicable.  The project will then be legally noticed and placed for public bid by contractors.  After a contractor has been selected, a pre-construction meeting will be held between Town staff, the Town Engineer and the contractor to discuss the project schedule, deadlines, communication with residents, traffic requirements and etc.  A public hearing will be held to discuss any special assessments that may be related to the project.