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Notice of Open Book is scheduled for September 15, 2022 from 2:00 pm – 4:00 pm at the Ledgeview Community Center.

Ledgeview contracts for assessment services with Fair Market Assessments.

What does an assessor do, and how does it affect your taxes?

The Assessor establishes uniform assessed values on all residential, commercial, agricultural, and business personal property. Property values are established as of January 1 of each year. Establishing uniform assessed values ensures that all property is valued equitably and that the property tax burden is distributed fairly across the entire town.

The Assessor does not set the tax rate, nor raise or collect taxes to cover municipal budgets. The Assessor conducts the valuation process while operating in accordance with the Wisconsin Property Assessment Manual and the assessment procedure governed by Chapter 70 of the Wisconsin Statutes. Laws are very specific as to how the work is carried out.

What is the current tax assessment information?

The Town of Ledgeview completed a revaluation in 2017.  The 2020 equalized ratio as determined by the Wisconsin Department of Revenue is 90.06%.

The Wisconsin Dept. of Revenue (DOR) requires the assessed value of a municipality to be within +/- 10% of 100% market value. If values are higher than 110% or lower than 90%, the DOR will notify
the municipality of non-compliance. If values are not brought into compliance within 4 years of the notice, the DOR will perform its own revaluation. This is generally not in the municipality’s best interest, therefore market adjustments will be made from time to time.

2020 Town Equalized Value by Classification:

Classification                        Equalized Value     % of Total
Residential                         $     908,280,200          81.56%
Commercial                               154,619,300           13.88%
Manufacturing                            28,830,600             2.76%
Agricultural                                       734,900             0.01%
Undeveloped                                 1,822,100             0.16%
Agricultural Forest                      1,740,000             0.15%
Forest                                             1,272,000             0.11%
Other                                              5,783,000             0.52%
Personal Property                     10,495,100             1.02%

TOTAL                                     $1,113,577,200            100.00%

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