Sewer Service

Ledgeview Sanitary District #2 includes a wastewater collection system consisting of 47.56 miles of sanitary sewer main and 807 manholes.  Its’ system is unique compared to most municipalities because the current construction and future design is completely based on gravity flow, with the exception of only two small lift pumps on private lines in the Old Plank Road area.  Looking forward, this is a tremendous feat that will help keep Ledgeview’s future sewer rates lower when compared to others.

All of the District’s wastewater treatment services are provided by the Green Bay Metropolitan Sewerage District (GBMSD).  The wastewater from the Hwy 57/Fox River Area flows to the GBMSD treatment plant through De Pere, and the remainder of the District flows to the GBMSD lift station located on East River Drive.

The GBMSD has installed and maintains infrastructure, such as interceptors and the East River Lift Station, that are intended to serve multi-jurisdictions.  Ledgeview Sanitary District makes annual payments to the GBMSD for its’ proportionate allocation in that infrastructure. Those principal and interest payments currently total $121,855 each year and are in addition to the monthly user fees. This amount will drop to $92,031 in 2016 and be fully paid off by the end of 2020.

The District sets an annual levy upon all taxable property within the Town of Ledgeview to cover debt payments derived from infrastructure that was not assessable to private properties.  This includes the above-mentioned annual payments to the GBMSD, as well as river crossings and other upsizing of mains intended for future customers to the system.  The District strictly applies this levy toward debt payments.  All operation and maintenance expenses are paid for by the users on the system.

The District puts great emphasis on maintenance of its wastewater collection system to control costs and minimize the risk of sewer backups.  20% of Ledgeview’s wastewater collection system is cleaned and televised each year and any leakage problems found are corrected as soon as possible.  In 2011, our system operators implemented a yearly inspection of all 807 sanitary sewer manholes owned by the District and made repairs as necessary.

Ledgeview’s goal is to maintain and operate the most efficient wastewater collection system possible; and our customers can count on it.

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Connections to the Town Sanitary Sewer System

The Ledgeview Sanitary District has been experiencing a significant amount of infiltration into the sanitary sewer system that is over and above the amount of gallons being metered for water sales. Read about the steps being taken and what we are asking our residents to check and to become compliant with.

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