Public Works

The Department of Public Works utilizes a small, talented group of employees to maintain and improve the infrastructure in the Town of Ledgeview. The department operates out of two locations, the Town Hall on Dickinson Road and the Public Works Facility on Scray Hill Road. The Public Works Department is responsible for all operational and maintenance activities to provide safe and efficient roadways for all modes of travel.  Additionally, the department assists with the maintenance of parks and Town facilities as well as coordinating with numerous other public utilities that operate within the Town’s right-of-ways. Public Works staff is also responsible for maintenance activities on the sanitary sewer and water system that is managed by Ledgeview Sanitary District #2. The department also reviews and addresses resident questions and complaints regarding Town infrastructure.

For after hours sewer, water, or road matter that requires immediate attention dial the on-call Public Works phone at 920-606-9897.  Someone will assist you.  All other calls should be directed to the main office at 920-336-3360. 


Bid advertisements for current or upcoming Public Works construction projects.



The Town of Ledgeview contracts with Harter’s Fox Valley Disposal for both garbage and recycling services.  Both garbage and recycling are picked up curbside on a weekly depending on sections of the town. Click on link to find your collection day.



The U.S. Postal Service determines the mailbox installation regulations for local delivery routes.  Unfortunately, many mailboxes are installed property in the Town, and can be damaged during snow blowing, street sweeping, and waste collection.



Ledgeview Sanitary District #2 includes a wastewater collection system consisting of 47.56 miles of sanitary sewer main and 807 manholes.  Its’ system is unique compared to most municipalities because the current construction and future design is completely based on gravity flow, with the exception of only two small lift pumps on private lines in the Old Plank Road area.



Property owners and those interested in proposed planning documents can find the information by clicking on one of the following links. Sidewalks Planning Report, Existing Sidewalk locations or Future Sidewalk Corridors.



As rainfall and snowmelt drain from roadways, parking lots, sidewalks, and rooftops it picks up and carries with it both natural and man-made pollutants. Eventually, those pollutants can be deposited in local waterways. Learn more about the impact of a stormwater utility on the environment.



Street lighting within the Town of Ledgeview is owned, operated and maintained by Wisconsin Public Service (WPS). If you notice that a street light is out in your neighborhood, please call WPS at (800)450-7260 or click on this link to report the issue.  Please note that each street light pole has a unique tag attached to it.  It is very beneficial to provide that number when contacting WPS regarding the outage.



Ledgeview has a mix of rural roads and urbanized roads. What’s the difference? Rural roads have shoulders and ditches while urbanized roads have curb and gutters. Taking care of two different styles of roads can be tricky, but public works is up to the challenge. This page gives background on the unique techniques and processes used to construct, maintain, and clear each style of roadway.



Permits are required to construct, operate, or maintain any utilities within the road right-of-way. Permits are also required to install a driveway. This page identifies when a permit is needed and guides to the proper application.



Ledgeview has two metered intake sites from the CBCWA line; LW1 is on Scray Hill Road and LW2 is on Elmview Road.  A 1,000,000-gallon reservoir is located at LW1, along with a 100,000-gallon elevated water tower that stores and pressurizes the system.  Because this site is the high point in Ledgeview, there are eight pressure-reducing stations at various locations throughout the system that help maintain proper flow to our customers.



Ledgeview contracts with a private snow removal company to plow 58 miles of Town streets and roads.  The Public Works Department is responsible for snow removal at Town-owned properties as well as numerous sites throughout. Due to this, the Town has established standards and procedures that are followed during each winter weather event.



What to do with yard waste?  Where does it go, what are the rules, is a permit required?


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Greg Potts
Director of Public Works

Phone: 920-336-3360, Ext. 102