What is the Urban Forest?

The urban forest is the collective name for all trees, shrubs, and other woody vegetation in a community. The Town of Ledgeview recognizes the many benefits a well-maintained urban forest provides to our community by reducing stormwater runoff, lowering summer air temperatures, reducing air pollution, reducing heating and cooling costs, reducing carbon dioxide, enhancing property values, providing wildlife habitat, improving health and wellbeing, and many other wonderful benefits. These benefits are a reminder of the worthwhile investment in our community forestry program.

Plant a Tree

At home, as a street tree: Resident Street Tree Planting Program

Would you like to plant a tree adjacent to your property in the right-of-way?  Do you enjoy tree-lined streets and shaded neighborhoods?  Are you interested in beautifying your neighborhood, increasing your property values, reducing stormwater runoff, and creating a more beautiful place to live now and for future generations?  The Town offers residents the opportunity to offset the cost of planting a tree through a cost-sharing program where the resident pays the wholesale cost of the tree, and the Town pays for the installation, maintenance and warranty of the tree. The Resident Street Tree Planting Program is offered annually as funds are available, and trees are planted in the fall of each year. Trees planted through the Resident Street Tree Planting Program are guaranteed for 2 years when cared for properly as outlined prior to the purchase of the tree. Tree selection varies, and the location and suitability of the tree selected must be reviewed by the Town. The Town uses the “Right Tree in the Right Place” best management practices supported by the International Society of Arboriculture and the Arbor Day Foundation when determining which kind of tree to plant.  This criterion promotes urban forest diversity. Final selection and location of each tree is the responsibility of the Town. Prices depend upon availability and typically range from $200-$250 for a 1.75-2.5” tree. Trees have a 2-year warranty from the contractor. Click here for an order form. Contact the Parks and Recreation Director at 336-3360 ext. 117 or for additional information.

If you would like to plant a tree in the right-of-way on your own, you must first complete and submit a Tree Planting Permit Application, located on the Permits & Applications page. The application must be approved prior to any work being started.

Trees located in the Town’s right-of-way are property of the Town of Ledgeview and permission is required before residents plant, prune, remove, or perform any sort of maintenance.

At a park, as a donation: Memorial Tree Planting Program

In 2013, the Park, Recreation, & Forestry Committee designated a Memorial Area within Ledgeview Park in which a tree may be planted as a living tribute to and to honor loved ones.  As part of this effort, memorial bronze plaques mounted on ledgestone were offered for purchase.

Areas Identified as Needing Trees:

  • Ledgeview Park Memorial Area
  • Scray Hill Park
  • Two Dollar Park
  • Zelten Family Park
  • Along Street Terraces

How to Make a Donation:
Is there a favorite place in Ledgeview to honor or memorialize a significant person or pet in your life?  Let us know.  We’d be happy to work with you. The Town is committed to keeping Ledgeview an aesthetically pleasing community through different plantings and beautification programs.  Please see the brochure below for identified sponsorship areas. For additional information on other donation opportunities, please see the Memorial & Sponsorship Opportunities Page.

Urban Forest Specifications Manual

This manual provides the specifications, information, and guidance for proper tree planting and care techniques for Town-owned trees. This manual is helpful for town staff, contractors, developers, and residents, alike to learn about appropriate tree care in the Town of Ledgeview.

Ordinance Enforcement

The codified law that governs our urban forest.  The most up-to-date version of Chapter 72-Urban Forestry can be found on our municipal code page:

Privately Owned Trees

Private trees are those not located within public parks or Town-owned property, which includes the right-of-way. If your neighborhood has sidewalks, the right-of-way (also known as the terrace) is typically the area between the sidewalk and the street. If you do not have a sidewalk, the right-of-way is the space between the street and the property line.

If you have questions about the health of trees located on your property, the Brown County UW Extension Office may be able to help, call 920-391-4610. Damage to private trees is the property owner’s responsibility. We recommend residents contact certified arborists for private tree needs. For more information on finding a certified arborist near you, please visit the Wisconsin Arborist Association.

Emerald Ash Borer

Need Mulch?

Residents of the Town of Ledgeview and the City of De Pere are able to pick up wood chips, mulch, and logs at no charge when available.

Location: The Compost Facility is located at 655 Rockland Road, De Pere.
Hours: The site is open 7 days a week from dawn until dusk.

This site is open to residents of the Town of Ledgeview and the City of De Pere. Contractor use is prohibited. Residents may bring their loose leaves, grass clippings, garden waste, and brush to the Town’s Compost Facility.

Unacceptable items: Rocks/stone/concrete, trash, timbers/lumber, dirt, and used mulch/wood chips are not accepted at this location.

Other Helpful Information: