Street Plowing Operations

The Town of Ledgeview has categorized winter weather plowing operations according to the type of storm and classification of the road or street.  The protocol that describes the sequence of operations is described below.  Primary roads or arterials are the major routes that run through the Town which carry the highest speed limits.  Collector streets/roads feed traffic from neighborhoods into the primary roads. Local roads are residential streets that carry the lowest volume of traffic.

Only primary and collector roads will be completely cleared of snow and/or ice (depending on temperatures) and have salt or salt/sand mix applied to them after snowfall events of less than 2 inches.  Local roads will not be plowed but will have salt or salt/sand mix applied at curves, hills and intersections. When snowfall of greater than 2 inches has accumulated, roads will be plowed in the order of priority to maintain at least one lane open in each direction.  Primary roads will be plowed first followed by collector streets and finally the local roads.  As the primary roads are plowed, plows will proceed to the collector roads until there is one lane of traffic open in each direction.  In some instances, continued snowfall may require plows to return for multiple snow removal efforts.  Roadways will, again be plowed in the order of priority.  Salt or salt/sand mix will be applied to curves, hills and intersections on both primary and collector streets.

During periods of extremely cold temperatures, the effectiveness of salt diminishes drastically.  As a result, streets may remain snow covered and/or ice covered for extended periods of time until air temperatures rise to a sufficient level for the salt to be effective.