Mailbox & Turf Damage from Snow Plowing Operations

Mailbox Damage:

Town snow removal operations may accidentally damage a mailbox.  If you are located on a Town road and your mailbox is damaged, please call the Public Works Department at (920) 336-3360 x102 or x111 to report the damage and your claim will be investigated.  Also, motor route newspaper boxes mounted to the mailboxes, which obstruct the recommended clearance under a mailbox, may cause damage that will not be covered by the Town.  Mailboxes shall be installed per the U.S. Postal Service regulations shown below.

Turf Damage:

Snow removal operations unavoidably cause damage to curbs and turf areas throughout the Town.  Please contact the Public Works Department to report any damage.  Only excessive turf damage will be repaired by the Contractor and/or the Town with topsoil and seed in the spring.