Land Use & Zoning Review

The Zoning and Planning Department manages the review process and evaluates land use and zoning requests. We’re available to answer questions about regulations, requirements, and how they may affect development on a particular site. This section intends to provide an overview on the review process, submittals and general timelines for land use and zoning amendments. For Land Division requirements, please refer to our Development Review Process.

The Town Zoning Ordinance classifies regulations for the use of land, development, and their spatial relationships. This is done to protect property owners and citizens and ensure basic standards for health and safety. If you want to use your property in a way that is not permitted by its current zoning, rezoning may be possible. When filing an application for land use and zoning review, please refer to the checklist of submittals and all requirements detailed in the application. After preliminary staff review, the Zoning and Planning Division will schedule a public hearing and publish an official notice of the hearing. At the public hearing, owners of neighboring properties or public facilities state their support or concerns about the proposed project. The Plan Commission considers your testimony, as well as comments from Town departments, committees, and interested parties to determine if the land use and zoning request can be met.

Procedures and detailed requirements for a zoning change, variance, conditional use permit, or Zoning Board of Appeals request are highlighted in the following sections: Requirements & Submittal Procedures, Town Ordinances & Resolutions, and Permits & Applications. Should you have any questions regarding this information or the review process, please contact us.