Park Plans, Reports & Maps

  • Park and Recreation Plan  – The plan depicts the future vision of Parks and Recreation in order to capture the features as the development occurs.
  • Bicycle & Pedestrian Plan – Future plans for the non-vehicle means of connectivity between neighborhoods and communities.
  • Community Identity Guide – Guides the implementation of consistent and cohesive signage and identification system to create a more unified community and sense of place
  • Viewshed Analysis – Identifies and prioritizes key high points/panoramic views, fleeting views, and enclosed views for permanent protection when reviewing development proposals.
  • Community Sponsorship Guide – The Town has identified sponsorship opportunities for specific park amenities.  This guide identifies the opportunities, costs, and sponsorship process.
  • Ledgeview Loops Study & Recommendation – Maps out the four Ledgeview Bike Loops and the reason for creating them.
  • Ledgeview Parks Story Map – Take a virtual tour of Ledgeview Parks to see the unique amenities each park, trail, or bicycle loop has to offer.
  • 2021 Annual Report By the Numbers Parks and Recreation – This report highlights the progress, accomplishments, goals, and initiatives of the Town of Ledgeview.
  • Urban Forest Specifications Manual – This manual provides the specifications, information, and guidance for proper tree planting and care techniques for Town-owned trees. This manual is helpful for town staff, contractors, developers, and residents, alike to learn about appropriate tree care in the Town of Ledgeview.