Winter Snow & Ice Removal

The Town of Ledgeview contracts with a private snow removal company to plow 58 miles of Town streets and roads.  Town of Ledgeview Public Works personnel are responsible for snow removal at the Community Building/Fire Station on Dickinson Road, the Public Works building on Scray Hill Road, Fire Station #2 on Swan Road as well as numerous sites throughout the Town related to the water distribution system.  Due to number of streets and facilities that require snow removal services, the Town has established standards and procedures that are followed during each winter weather event.

Winter weather presents challenges for all drivers.  Traction is reduced, visibility can be limited and traffic moves at a slower speed.  Drivers should always be prepared for changing conditions and allow extra time to reach their desired destination.  During winter weather events it is the Town’s goal to maintain the streets and roads in a drivable condition and to return them to a pre snow event condition as soon as possible based the classifications of streets and roads explained below.  The time it takes to reach this goal is determined by factors such as the weather conditions, temperature, amount of snow, duration of the snow event, amount of compacted snow on roadways due to traffic, and the weight of the snow.