Official Town Map

The purpose of the official map for Ledgeview is to stabilize the location of real property boundary lines; to ensure proper legal descriptions and proper monumenting of land; to facilitate adequate provision of transportation, parks, playgrounds and storm water drainage; and to facilitate the further subdivision of large tracts of land into smaller parcels of land.

Ledgeview Official Map 04-20-2021

Official Traffic Map

The purpose of the official traffic map is one that allows the Town to indicate “no parking” areas, yield signs, special speed limits, one-way highways, school crossings and all other restrictions or limitations or when the laws of the state require the erection or use of official traffic control devices to enforce such restrictions or limitations.

Official Traffic Map

Street Maps

West Ledgeview Street Map

East Ledgeview Street Map

Hunting Overlay Map

The Town of Ledgeview, several years ago, implemented an ordinance that regulates the discharge of firearms. To view that ordinance, you may click here. In addition, a map has been put together to identify areas where the discharge of certain firearms is or is not allowed. Please view this map if you have questions on where you may take part in such activity.  As always, safety first!

Hunting Overlay Map, October 2020

Zoning Map 2019

Download School District Map

Brown County Property Listings (access tax record information, as well as an aerial parcel map)