Water Service

Ledgeview Sanitary District #2 first began water service in December of 1994 with its only well located at the intersection of Swan and Heritage Roads.  At that time, it was projected to increase its customer base at a rate of 25 households per year.  However, Ledgeview quickly realized immense growth and the need for an additional water source.

The Town of Ledgeview joined other surrounding communities in search of high quality water and is now one of six members that make up the Central Brown County Water Authority (CBCWA).  In their remarkable quest, an agreement was reached with Manitowoc and the CBCWA has been purchasing Lake Michigan water from them since June of 2007. The Manitowoc Public Utilities’ Water Department produces some of the highest quality drinking water in the nation.  Last year, as in years past, your tap water met and exceeded every federal and state drinking water health standard.

Ledgeview has two metered intake sites from the CBCWA line; LW1 is on Scray Hill Road and LW2 is on Elmview Road.  A 1,000,000-gallon reservoir is located at LW1, along with a 100,000 gallon elevated water tower that stores and pressurizes the system.  Because this site is the high point in Ledgeview, there are eight pressure-reducing stations at various locations throughout the system that help maintain proper flow to our customers. Our certified water system operators control the level of water in the storage facilities and the direction of flow in the mains by using a computerized, radio-controlled signal system called SCADA (Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition).  The SCADA system also sets off an alarm to alert staff to changes in performance levels at any given time, day or night, seven days a week.  All facilities are inspected daily and require daily reports, including weekends.

The District owns and maintains a total of 51.88 miles of water main made up of PVC pipes ranging in size from 6” to 16” with approximately 98% of the distribution system being 8” or larger.  It also has 552 fire hydrants and 798 distribution valves, all maintained and operated each year to provide optimum water quality and fire service availability.

Ledgeview’s water distribution system has come a long way in the past 17 years, with growth well beyond projections.  We currently serve 1,791 residential homes, 198 commercial establishments and 2 schools.  We take great pride in serving all our customers and will continue to do so by maintaining this top-notch system and provide constant testing of the water quality as proof for this great community.

Hydrant Flushing

Hydrants are flushed yearly to keep the lines free from residue buildup that occurs over the course of time. Hydrant flushing is generally done in April.  The Town of Ledgeview will notify its residents when hydrant flushing will be done.  There is usually a notice in the Press Gazette several days before the flushing is to start.  There will also be a notice in the Ledgeview Flash Newsletter.  You may see some discoloration in your water because the sediments in the lines are stirred up by the flushing, but this condition is very unlikely.  This discoloration is not harmful but it can stain laundry.  Hydrant flushing takes place during the daytime hours and is usually done by 4:00 p.m., so laundry could be safely done after that.  Check your taps for discoloration and allow the line to run for several minutes, then proceed with your laundry.

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The Central Brown County Water Authority (CBCWA) was created to develop a joint water system that would provide a reliable, safe and high quality source of water meeting the current and future needs of each community.

CBCWA 2023 Budget (adopted 09-28-2022)

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