Introducing “Ledgeview Loops” Bike Routes!

You may have noticed several signs such as this one popping up around town. Introducing Ledgeview Loop Bike Routes!

Town residents expressed a desire for bike routes throughout the Town to provide for non-motorized connections between neighborhoods, as well as to provide recreational opportunities, and to connect adjacent communities and regional trails like the East River Trail and Fox River State Trail.  Hence, the Ledgeview Loop Program.  With help from WE Bike, etc., LLC, the Park & Recreation Committee was able to formulate four different loop routes:

The Money Maker

The Rollercoster

The Dairy Aire

The Ledgeview Park

Each loop varies on difficulty and challenge depending on fitness levels from the casual rider to the in-training rider, there’s a level for everyone. Try them out!

Sponsorship opportunities available.

Please Obey Road Barricades – They’re There for a Reason!

Receiving a lot of complaints of vehicles going around the barricades, especially in the Oak Ridge Circle and Ledgeview Road Areas. Brown County Sheriff’s Department is aware of the situation and will be patrolling these areas heavily.  We understand there’s an inconvenience, but there’s also high risk of someone getting hurt by ignoring them.  The barricades are there for safety for not only road users, but for construction workers as well.

Please do not, under any circumstances, move the signage or barricades to the side of the road. Tampering with and/or moving a road closure barricade may result in a citation of up to $300 per Wisconsin Statute Section 346.42.

Please obey the barricades; we appreciate the cooperation.

Board of Review – Deadline to File an Appeal May 19th

Property Assessments
Board of Review – Tuesday, May 21st 4-6 pm
Deadline to file an appeal with he Board of Review is Sunday, May 19th

If you feel that your property assessment is incorrect, there is a process to follow to rectify it:

  1. Talk to the Assessor – If you feel there is a discrepancy with the assessed value of your property please contact the Fair Market Assessment at 468-9698 to speak with the assessor.
  2. Go to Open Book – Open Book is the second step in the assessment appeals process.  Here, the property owners have an opportunity to compare their assessed value with similar (like) properties within the town. The assessor is available to speak directly with you in attempts to clarify the reasoning behind the value placed on your property.
  3. Schedule a review hearing at the Board of Review – After speaking with the assessor and looking at property comparables within the Town you feel your assessment isn’t correct, the Board of Review is the next step.  The Board of Review is a quasi-judicial (court-like) body empowered with three primary duties:
  • Adjust assessments within iproven incorrect by sworn oral testimony
  • Correct error or omissions in the descriptions or computations found on the assessment roll
  • Check the assessment roll for omitted properties or double assessments.

For more on information on the Open Book, Board of Review, or Assessment Information, please contact Fair Market Assessments at 468-9698.