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Volunteers fill a key role in running organizations and the Town of Ledgeview takes pride in the many wonderful volunteers that serve our community.  Volunteers make up an integral part of the Town by being a part of our Beautification Subcommittee, Board of Review, Park, Recreation & Forestry Committee, Personnel & Finance Committee, Redevelopment Authority Committee, Zoning and Planning Commission, Zoning Board of Appeals as well as running and working the Elections as an election inspector or chief inspector.

All committees make recommendations that are ultimately approved by the Town Board and are extremely important to municipal government.  Currently, we have six (6) vacancies that need to be filled.  All meetings meet a minimum of once a month with the exception of the Board of Review, which is a yearly occurrence.  We also are in need of alternate citizen members for both the Zoning Board of Appeals and Board of Review so those members are at an at-needed-basis.  As always, we are looking for anyone that would like to perform a part of his or her civic duty by becoming an election inspector.

The Town of Ledgeview is fortunate to have a lot of greenspace and several parks that benefit the community as a whole, The Park, Recreation, and Forestry Committee play an important role in maintaining and creating these amenities.  We currently have a position open on this committee, so if you love the outdoors and take pride in your surroundings, your voice can be heard by becoming a member.  This committee does everything from developing a new bike or walking path, acquiring land for future park use, upgrading and maintaining current facilities, and is responsible for the implementation of the Comprehensive Park and Outdoor Recreation Plan.

A second tier of the Park, Recreation, and Forestry Committee is the Beautification Subcommittee, which also has a vacancy.  The Beautification Subcommittee mainly focuses on maintaining the aesthetics of public lands like trail paintings and banners, as well as recommendations on landscaping and pruning.

Do you ever wonder why or how certain projects are built in the location that they do?  Or why there are so many local rules and ordinances for property owners?  Perhaps you can ease your inquisitive mind and join the Zoning & Planning Commission!  The Zoning and Planning Commission is at times nicknamed the “Town Planning Agency” as they are the group that has review over development projects and ensures the health, safety, welfare, and use of resources for the benefit of current and future residents of the Town as well as neighboring jurisdictions.  The Town has significant citizen involvement through the adoption and implementation of the comprehensive planning and as such, members of this Commission are allowed a small compensation per meeting for their involvement.  No background or experience is necessary.

If any of the above peaks your interest or you have a desire to help your community but are unsure of how to do so, please give us a call or even attend a meeting to see if this would fulfill that desire.  If you have questions, do not hesitate to reach out to town staff and we will do our best to get you all the answers you need.

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