Hydrant Flushing begins September 1st

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The Town of Ledgeview will begin flushing hydrants September 1st.  This process should take approximately two weeks.  You may notice some slight discoloration in the water during this process.  This is NOT harmful and is to be expected in some areas.  The discoloration will subside almost immediately with running water.


  • It is Town Ordinance to keep a 10-foot clear zone of any publicly owned fire hydrant.
  • Objects like landscaping, trees and parked cars can add time to a fire call response.

Please make sure that your hydrants are kept clear at all times.

If you have any questions or concerns please feel free to contact the Public Works Department at (920) 336-3360 ext. 102 or via email at gpotts@ledgeviewwisconsin.com

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