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With the hunting season upon us, we ask everyone to again be cautious and take care this year. Town of Ledgeview is growing making for a denser population with new residential neighborhoods springing up and more people are turning to outdoor activities during the pandemic. Therefore there’s an increase of residents out walking pets, riding bicycles, and jogging. People who live on the outskirts of the Town may not know where the designated hunting areas and could possibly wander into a new denser populated area without knowing it, or vice versa.

With this said we are asking that both hunters and residents become aware of the authorized hunting areas to minimize the potential of wandering into an undesired area. Here is a link to the newly revised Firearms and Weapons Discharge Map which shows where hunting is allowed and what type of weapons are allowed in these areas. It’s a huge file so it may takes several minutes to download.

Bottom line is to know where you are and know your surroundings to keep from any potential harm.

We have the cooperation of the Brown County Sheriff’s Department in helping us enforce the Town of Ledgeview Ordinance 129, Weapons and Firearms. This ordinance covers Purpose, Restrictions, Hunting Overlay Zones, Definitions, and Violations and Penalties.

For everyone’s safety, please look at the Hunting Overlay Map to know where you want to be during this time of the year. Stay warm, stay safe, and stay well out there

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