Tax Incremental District No. 1


The Town of Ledgeview has long recognized that the area surrounding Olde School Square to be the commercial center of Ledgeview.  The Town Board decided that the creation of a Tax Incremental Finance District (TID #1) was an option to help stimulate development.  In 2015 TID No. 1 was created for the area located within one-quarter-mile of the intersection of CTH GV and Dickinson Road (CTH G) and included Olde School Square. See the map for TID No. 1 Boundary Map.

In 2007 the Town developed a Neighborhood Center District (NCD) section of the zoning code and added NCDs to both the future land use (indicated as Planned Mixed Use) and zoning maps. NCDs range in size (+/-10 to 40 acres) and are intended to be strategically located within walking distance of residential neighborhoods. While they encourage a mix of uses to serve immediate neighborhoods much like traditional downtowns, they may also contain regional attractions to serve a larger town and County population.

The initial focus of NCD development is within Tax Increment District (TID) #1. This location is relatively centered in the urbanizing portion of Ledgeview and helps orient visitors and residents in the context of the rest of the Town because of it’s adjacency to the Town’s major north-south and east-west arterials.

NCD zoning encourages the development of vibrant, sustainable mixed-use areas where residents and visitors can live, work, shop, dine, be entertained, enjoy community and cultural events, and contribute to the economic viability of the community. Within this context, the Town developed Design Guidelines for Olde School Square and a Monroe Road NCD Pattern Book in order to provide a unique sense of place within Ledgeview that reinforces the positive identity, character, comfort, and convenience of the surrounding community.  Thus, these documents are purposefully designed to incorporate a mix of commercial, public and residential uses and pays attention to detail and the provision of high-quality amenities. These documents focus on the architectural and site design element which will help create a unifying theme for the town center to bring diverse and continuous activity to this portion of the Town.

Supporting Materials:

For questions regarding the Ledgeview Tax Incremental Finance District or possible assistance requests, please contact the Town Administrator Sarah Burdette.