Board of Review

The Board of Review shall consist of seven members, which shall consist of the five members of the Town Board, the Deputy Town Clerk and one citizen who shall be a resident of the Town and shall not hold any public office or be publicly employed.

The citizen member shall be appointed by the Town Chairperson for a term of five years ending on December 31 of the fifth full year of service. The members of the Board of Review shall serve without compensation and shall have the powers and duties prescribed by W.S.A. s. 70.47.

The Town Board hereby provides for the appointment of alternates to serve on the Board of Review in the event a standing member of the Board of Review is removed or unable to serve for any reason. The Town Board may name as many alternates as it deems necessary to meet the statutory requirement that no less than three Board of Review members are needed to make a final determination of an objection to the property assessment. When appointment of an alternate is necessary, the appointment must be made no less than 48 hours prior to a meeting of the Board of Review.

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