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Four bike loops have signs installed throughout Ledgeview.  Money Maker, Dairy Aire, Roller Coaster, and Ledgeview Park Loops have varying distances and perceived difficulty.  As part of the Town of Ledgeview Bicycle and Pedestrian Master Plan, these 4 loops help the Town make steps toward the goal of developing a well-connected bicycle and pedestrian system that allows users of all ages and abilities to travel to a variety of destinations in the Town and adjacent communities.

Bike loop signs along county roads have a green bike logo on the bottom 2/3 of the sign, and the corresponding loop color at the top 1/3 of the sign with the Town of Ledgeview logo.  The majority of the county loop signs have the name of the loop and a directional arrow as a separate sign below the main loop sign.  (Figure 1)

Bike loop signs along town roads have a colored bike logo in the corresponding loop color on the bottom 2/3 of the sign, with the name of the loop on each sign.  The Town of Ledgeview logo is in full color on the top 1/3 of the sign.  (Figure 2)

The landscape, elevation changes, and mostly low-traffic roads throughout Ledgeview continues to make Ledgeview a desirable place for cyclists to visit.  Remember that bicycles and motorists all have rights to the road.

Click on the links below for individual bike loop maps:

Sponsorship Opportunities Available:
If you would like to help sponsor one of our bike loops and have your business recognized as a loop sponsor along the one of our loops, please contact the Parks Director at 920-336-3360 ext. 117.  Bike loops can be sponsored for $1,000 which will allow for placement of 10 recognition signs along the loop for 2 years.  You can have your business recognized as supporting our bike-friendly community, and contribute to necessary infrastructure for current and future bike and pedestrian amenities.

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