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2022 Weight Limit Restrictions

Ledgeview Public Works has posted the following roads with an 8-ton temporary
weight limit starting March 4th, 2022 and continuing until such time, that the frost has come
out of the ground and the roads can withstand the normal traffic for building construction
on said roads.

Dollar Road –Half Crown Run to Lime Kiln Rd.

Dollar Road – East of and Lime Kiln Rd. to termini

Sportsman Drive

Glenmore Road

Oak Ridge Circle – from Garrett St to Dickinson Rd

Grande Ridge Drive – from Royal Vista Trail to Oak Ridge Circle

Cotton Wood Ln – Still Meadow Circle south to termini

Copper Lane – from 2425 Copper lane to termini

Creamery Road – Kaftan Road South to Heritage Road

Heritage Heights Road

Hyland Court

Lime Kiln Rd and Scray Hill Rd – from Whisper to Dickinson Rd.

Whisper Lane

Hawthorne Hts

Dallas Lane – 1851 Dallas Lane to termini

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