Business Association Directory

The Ledgeview Business Association helps advance the businesses of Ledgeview through developing the town as a business destination and providing members with opportunities for learning, networking, and socializing. Through the efforts of the Ledgeview Business Association, the community will benefit by having a healthy business environment that is committed to creating an attractive and vibrant atmosphere for visitors and residents alike.

I-43 Business Park

Although the I-43 corridor running through Ledgeview is somewhat short, it provides a highly visible entrance to Ledgeview and the Green Bay Metropolitan Area. The I-43 Business Park has easy access to I-43, CTH MM, STH 29, and several county highways. It is committed to serving the retail and employment needs of its residents and the greater region. Preserved and enhanced natural areas—ravines, streams, a regional bike path, meandering trails, and a trailhead park—help define a natural character to this well designed mixture of light industrial uses, corporate/support, large-format retail site with outlots, and pedestrian-scaled mixed use areas.

Neighborhood Center Districts

The intent of the Neighborhood Center Districts (NCD) is to create a renewed mix of pedestrian-scale commercial, residential, recreational, and institutional uses to meet the daily needs of residents. The primary NCDs include the town center at CTH GV/Dickinson Road in addition to Dickinson Road/Creamery Road, CTH GV/Heritage Road, and the PDDBP Business Park near I-43/CTH MM. The Neighborhood Center encourages the development and sustainability of a vibrant mixed-use area where residents and visitors can live, work, shop, dine, be entertained, enjoy community and cultural events, and contribute to the economic viability of the Center and the Town of Ledgeview as a whole.

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