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Today the Wisconsin Elections Commission mailed an informational mailer to approximately 2.6 million Wisconsin voters explaining voting options for the upcoming November 3rd General Election. Included in the mailer is information on how to receive an absentee ballot. The mailing went to registered voters who did not have an absentee ballot request on file for the November 3rd Election as of the end of June. If an absentee ballot request has been submitted since July 1st, a second request does not need to be made. To check the status of an absentee ballot request please see MyVoteWI.gov/MyVoterInfo

The purpose of the mailing is to:

  • Explain the three options available to cast a ballot in the November 3rd General Election.
  • Encourage the use of the state’s voting website, MyVote.WI.gov.
  • Encourage voters to request an an absentee ballot early to allow for mailing.
  • Encourage voters to return the ballot promptly.

The mailing includes three pieces:

Although the mailing promotes the use of MyVote.WI a paper application is included for those who don’t have computer access or for those who are uncomfortable using the website.

We ask that if it is unknown if an absentee ballot has been requested, prior to returning the Absentee Ballot Request Application, either check on MyVote.WI.gov or call 920-336-3360 Ext. 104 or Ext. 105 to check the status of the request.  If a request is on file there is no need to file a second one.

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