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Project Updates for week of July 27th

Scray Hill Road Project
The contractor has been working on clearing and grubbing on Bower Creek just north of CTH G.   Storm sewer will start back up this week and continue until completed.   The grading crew will come in about 1-2 weeks behind the storm sewer crew to cut down the road and place gravel.   The contractor also plans to pulverize the remaining asphalt pavement from Limestone Trail to the top of the hill this week.

Bower Creek Road and Red Hawk Landing Subdivision
Asphalt pavement has been placed on phase 1 of the project (Brayden Lane and Bower Creek Road).  Contractor is grading behind the curb and gutter in preparation of utilities to be installed by WPS.  They will also be preparing Bower Creek Road for sidewalk and driveways this week with the plan to

Pine Grove Road
Pine Grove road is closed between Elmview Road and Glenview Road.   The westerly bridge has been replaced by the contractor and they are now installing beam guard before they move to the easterly bridge which will be this week.  Work is expected to be completed around August 25th.

Creamery Road and Kaftan Way
A layer of cold mix asphalt has been placed on Creamery Road to help level out the road.  The next phase will be to install a granite chip seal with a fog coat.   This will help reduce the amount of loose chips that you normally see after a chip seal. Also, this form of chip seal is supposed to be more urban friendly, so the Town is trying it out on these roadways along with East River Drive.  The granite seal is expected to be done sometime in mid-August.   

East River Drive
The roadway will receive a granite chip seal with a fog sealer in mid-August.  This form of chip seal is supposed to be a more urban friendly chip seal process that the Town is going to try this year.

Various Asphalt Patches
There are several areas around Town where repairs were made to sanitary manholes, sanitary lines or watermains and the asphalt pavement was torn up.  These areas area planned to be re-paved this week.  

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