Membership Application & Expectations

Fire Department Application Process

Successfully complete the following:

Expectations of a New Member

There will be no interior structural fire fighting until your probationary period has expired.

These classes will be completed before you are off probation:

  • Fire Fighter Entry Level A & B – 60 hrs.
  • Fire Fighter Entry Level C – 36 hrs.
  • Hazardous Materials Operations – 16 hrs.
  • Fire Fighter I – State Exam

These classes will be completed as class times permit:

  • Fire Fighter Level II – 42 hrs.
  • Entry Level Driver Operator – 30 hrs.
  • Incident Safety Officer – 13 hrs.

All classes are at no cost to you.

You will also be expected to attend our Business & Training Meetings the 2nd and 4th Mondays of the month.

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