Interactive Zoning Map

Click here to see the Town of Ledgeview Interactive Zoning Map

Have you ever asked, “What can I do with my property?” or “What are the dimensional standards for my property?” or “What are the review procedures?  We understand that zoning regulations can be somewhat daunting, especially if you can’t find the information you need.

To make zoning regulations and maps more usable, the Town is launching an online tool that highlights the key parts of the zoning code in a user-friendly and interactive platform.  InSight Code Viewer is a new web-based tool that merges the functionality of the interactive zoning map with the zoning code and administrative functions.  InSight provides the Town with a new way to share the zoning regulations in a simple interface that focuses on those parts of the zoning code that matter the most to each user.  This new tool will enable residents and businesses to:

  • Use the interactive zoning map to see what land uses are allowed and where
  • Determine what procedures are needed to move ahead with a project
  • Quickly find the information you need, when you need it