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Ledgeview is excited to announce Harter’s Fox Valley Disposal as the Town’s newly contracted trash & recycling hauler. Starting the week of November 1st, the following changes will take place:

  • Weekly trash and recycling pickup.
  • Larger bins, the current 65 galls carts will be replaced with 95 gallon trash & recycling carts will The week of October 26, 2020, each home will receive:
    • (1) 95-gallon trash cart (blue cart with BLACK lid)
    • (1) 95-gallon recycling cart (blue cart with GREEN lid)
  • Each residence will receive one trash and one recycling cart for the initial start of the new program. There will be an announcement made when additional carts will become available.
  • Dedicated phone number of 888-804-8556 for any issues with trash/recycling pick-ups or damaged carts. This number is printed on the side of the carts.
  • Large household items will be collected every other Tuesday at a cost to the resident. Please call Harter’s at 888-804-8556 to schedule a pick-up and confirm pricing. Payment is required before pickup.
  • Holiday collection will be delayed one day if the holiday is on a weekday before your pickup day.
  • Trash and Recycling MUST be placed curbside prior to 6:00am on your service day. NOTE:  If your cart is put out late you must wait until the next scheduled pickup.
  • Please discard the recycling magnets, they will no longer be correct.

How is the cart exchange going to work? It all takes place the week of October 27th.

  • The week of October 27th is the final pickup from Advanced.  Make sure to:
    1. Make sure all carts are completely emptied. Any bins that are not emptied will NOT be picked up and it will be the responsibility of the resident to drop the bin off at Advanced Disposal.
    2. Leave current carts curbside, don’t bring them in.
    3. Advanced will pick them up.
    4. Harter’s will deliver carts curbside during this week as well.
    5. Bring in the Harter’s carts.
    6. Start using the Harter’s carts the week of November 1st.

There’s a possibility that  both sets of carts will be curbside simultaneously, this is normal for this type of exchange. It’s unlikely that both companies will have the same exchange routes. Both companies are dedicated to making transaction as smooth as possible. Should there be any issues please contact Advanced Disposal directly at  920-983-3341 or Harter’s directly at 888-804-8556.

Starting the week of November 1st the following will be your new pickup day:

There is more information forthcoming in the printed newsletter set to hit mailboxes the week of October 19th. In the meantime, we’ll be working updating the town’s public outreach materials with this information.

The Town would like to thank Advanced Disposal for their years of service to the Town and wish them the best in their future endeavors.

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