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Ledgeview Sanitary District No. 2 includes a wastewater collection system consisting of 47.56 miles of sanitary sewer main and 807 manholes.  Its’ system is unique compared to most municipalities because the current construction and future design is completely based on gravity flow, with the exception of only two small lift pumps on private lines in the Old Plank Road area.  Looking forward, this is a tremendous feat that will help keep Ledgeview’s future sewer rates lower when compared to others.

The Sanitary District is a separate legal entity that provides sanitary sewer and public water services to the Town. The Sanitary Board meets the 1st Wednesday of the month at 4:30 p.m. at the Town Hall. The Sanitary Board may hold other meetings throughout the month.

The Ledgeview Sanitary District No. 2 is governed by a three-member Board consisting of a President and two Commissioners, who are appointed for 6-year terms by the Town Board. Contact members at:

Q.  How do I connect to the sewer and water?
A. The timeline for connections is mandated on a per project policy basis.  When connecting, you must connect to both sewer and water.

1. Contact an excavator:  Sewer and water laterals have been installed to the right-of-way on your property.  You will need to contact an excavator to put in your private laterals from this point on to your home.

2. Take out a permit:  Either you or your contractor will need to take out a permit with the Town office.  These permits cover our inspection costs and inform us when the work has been completed.  The inspection is for your protection so that you are assured that a clay dam and enough stone is in place.  You may want to talk to your contractor or plumber as to whether a backwater valve is recommended for your particular location.  These valves prevent backups.  The current cost of the permit for existing residences is $425.00.  ($131.00 for sewer inspection, and $294.00 for Central Brown County Water Authority (CBCWA).

3. Call a plumber:  The plumber will need to disconnect inside plumbing from your private well and prepare a fitting for the water meter.  CALL US AT 336-3360 TO LET US KNOW WHEN YOUR PLUMBER IS COMING so that we can schedule someone to be there to set the meter and turn your water on.  Please avoid scheduling a plumber on Fridays if at all possible.

4. You must have your private well capped or have it permitted for outside use only.  It is preferred that your private well be capped, however, at this time the District is allowing private wells to be permitted for outside usage only.  These permits must be renewed every five years.  A well driller can cap your well or you may opt to do it yourself by filling it with Bentonite after the pump is pulled from the well.  Bentonite is available through most well drilling contractors or it can be ordered through Progressive Farmers.  A DNR well abandonment form 3300-5B must be filled out and one copy sent to our office for our files.  We can provide this form for you if you need one.  An application for a private well operation permit is required.  To permit your well for outside usage, you must meet the requirements of Chapter NR 112 of the Wisconsin Administration Code by having a licensed well driller inspect the well and pump and sign the application form showing its compliance.  Also, one sampling is needed to show that the water is bacteriologically safe.  We will need a copy of the report attached to the application, along with the permit fee of $15.00.

Please call Renae Peters at 336-3360 (Extension 101), if you have any questions or need further information.

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Dennis Watermolen (Commissioner) - 920-336-7707

Ken Geurts (Commissioner)

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