Fire Pit/Fire Table Guidelines

May 16, 2017

Fire Pit/Fire Table Guidelines

Campfires are allowed, and do not require a permit, as long as the fire is in a controlled pit and only clean firewood is being used.  Fire Tables follow the same guidelines as fire pits.  The burning pit must be 25 feet from any structure, fence, property line, woodpile or any other combustible materials.  The pit must be no larger than four (4) feet in diameter.

For residents who wish to burn piles of brush and other clean wood, a free burning permit  is required.   Burning permits are issued to residents and homeowners only.  There is no burning allowed on commercial property.  Rubbish, trash,  plastic or rubberized items are prohibited.  Burn piles shall be no larger than 4’ wide x 3’ high and must be 50 feet from any structure and property line.    All fires must be supervised at all times and must be fully extinguished before leaving.


Burning Permits On-Line

Burning permits are now on-line at  Applicants are still required to contact the Fire Chief prior to igniting any fire.